COVID-19 Reporting

The article below describes how to use Ovation’s COVID-19 Reporting feature.

Note: Labs performing COVID-19 testing are required to report their test results daily to their state health departments which will then report those results to the CDC. Additionally, hospital labs are also required to report COVID-19 results to FEMA for epidemiological surveillance and public health decision making. The CDC and FEMA need this information to support states and localities in addressing and responding to the virus. If you have questions about your lab’s reporting requirements and who to contact, please visit our Reporting COVID-19 Results blog post for detailed information and links to important state and federal resources.

How to Set-up COVID-19 Reporting Roles

The COVID-19 reporting feature is optional and must be enabled for your organization by your Customer Success Manager. To turn on the COVID-19 reporting feature, please email

The appropriate permission must be set to enable OvDx users to view or generate COVID-19 Reports.  If you have an Admin or Administration role, please follow the steps below to enable the COVID-19 Reporting permission for your role and other user roles.

1. Login to OvDx and go to More > Settings > Users and Permissions. 

2. Click on “Roles and Permissions” and type Covid in the “Find Label or Activities” box. This will narrow the permissions to the COVID-19 REPORTING label.

3. Select the role you want to enable (e.g., Accessioner) and click the permission to open the Set Permission window.

4. Select the desired permission level from the drop-down list.  

Tip: “Write” and “Admin” permissions are the same and allow the user to both access and generate reports. “Read” permission allows the user to access reports but restricts report generation. “View” permission is not currently configured.

How to View, Download, and Generate Reports

The COVID-19 Reporting feature automatically generates a daily report based on the prior day’s data with a midnight-to-midnight cutoff. The CDC report includes test results that were signed within that time frame.

1. Select Analytics > COVID-19 from the top of any OvDx screen.

Note: If you do not see “COVID-19” available from the Analytics drop-down, please contact to enable this feature. 

2. You will see the daily list of auto-generated reports and manually generated reports as .csv files. Click on the report file name to download.

3. To manually generate reports: 

a. Click the green Generate Report button. 

b. Refine by Workflow, Provider Account, and/or Providers, choose the date range, check that desired columns are selected, and click Submit. 

Tip: The order that columns are clicked is the order that they will appear in the report. You may have to unselect all columns, then select the desired columns in sequential order to change the layout of the final report.

Note: Reports included in the Covid-19 Analytics Report will have a generation date within the specified range. Date ranges may not exceed 13 months. If you need a date range greater than 13 months, contact

Schedule a Report

1. Select the Schedule tab.

2. Click the New Schedule button on the far right of the screen.

3. Refine by Workflow, Provider Account, and/or Providers.

4.  Set “Frequency” to Daily, Monthly, or Quarterly.

  • Daily = every 24 hours
  • Monthly = every calendar month (Ex: Start date = January 1st at 12:00, next report will generate on February 1st at 12:00)
  • Quarterly = every 3 calendar months (Ex: Start date = January 1st at 12:00, next report will generate on April 1st at 12:00)

5. Choose your Start Date.

  • For all report frequency types, you may start them on “today” but the start time hour and minute must be set later than the time of entry.
  • Reports may take from 1 to 60 minutes to display in the schedule list.
  • The hours and minutes use a 24-hour clock and allow you to specifically set a filter of which report data to include down to the minute.
  • The example below was entered on 3/8/2021 14:20, with the same Start Date/Time. The first requisition report will be generated on 3/8/2021 within an hour of 14:21 and include requisition data from 2/8/2021 14:20 thru 3/8/2021 14:20. The next scheduled requisition report will be generated on 4/8/2021 within an hour of 14:21 and include requisition data from 3/8/2021 14:20 to 4/8/2021 14:20.

Note: Any columns selected will persist for the scheduled reports.

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