Adding a Test Panel to a Requisition

Once you have created your test panels, you can now associate a Test Panel to any Requisition Template so it will appear as an option on that form during accessioning.

  • Select Test Panel
  • Select the requisition template(s) that you want the test panel to be displayed on.
  • Click [Add Template]; repeat the process if the panel is to be shown on multiple requisition templates
  • Click the small “x” at the end of the requisition’s name to remove any requisition(s) not wanted.

  • Add Panel content
    • Name - Name of the panel content (gene, analyte, etc.)
    • Code (test) - Internal assay code
    • CPT Code - (Current Procedural Terminology) To be provided by the client for billing purposes to be applied at the test code level.
  • Click [Add Test]
  • Repeat this process until all content for the panel is entered

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