Adding a New Test Panel

  1. Navigate to Administration > Lab > Test Panels
  2. Click the green [+ Add Test Panel] button

   3. Select Add New Test Panel to enter a single Test Panel manually OR select Import Test Panels to upload a csv file with Test Panel information

    1. To Import Test Panels via csv: 
      • After selecting Import Test Panels, a window will open where a csv file with the Test Panel information can be uploaded. 
      • If needed, a template file can be downloaded from the link at the top of the window.
    2. To Add New Test Panel manually:
      • After selecting Add New Test Panel, the New Panel screen will open where you can fill in the following fields:
        • Name - panel name displayed on any OvDx generated report.
        • Code - sometimes referred to as test panel
          • For external reporting, this code is assigned by your interpretation provider and is used to define which panel is ordered as part of their reporting service.
          • For OvDx reporting, this code is used to identify the Test Panel and associate it with the appropriate algorithm.
        • CPT - (Current Procedural Terminology) To be provided by client for billing purposes to be applied at the panel level.
        • Z-code - ICD-10-CM Codes - To be provided by client
        • Expected TAT (turn around time in days) - This is used to flag specimens in the Dashboards that are taking too long to be analyzed and reported.  Please note that a value will need to be typed into the TAT field in order to create the Test Panel.
        • LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) - This is a code used to associate the Test Panel ordered with the universal standard database for laboratory observations.
        • SCTID (SNOMED CT Identifier) - An identifier used to indicate SNOMED Clinical Terms Components.
        • Custom attributes - Some Test Panels require specific custom attributes in order to properly set resulting and reporting algorithms
      • Click the green Create button

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