Exporting and Importing Test Panels

Test Panels can be exported and imported in batches using the Test Panel Download and Import features. This can be useful if adding/editing several panels at one time, or if a panel has a large number of Tests associated with it.

Importing Test Panels via Downloaded Template File

1. Navigate to More > Lab > Test Panels

2. Click the Add Test Panel button, then select Import Test Panels to upload a CSV file with test panel information

3. A new window will open where you can choose 2 actions:

a. Download the Template File: this will generate a CSV file with the appropriate columns for importing Test Panels. (See notes below on how to fill out the template.)

b. Upload a completed Test Panel CSV file

6. After selecting or dragging/dropping the completed Test Panel CSV, click the green Submit button to import the file.

Importing Test Panels via Exported Test Panel File

Rather than using the Downloaded Temple File, it may better suit your needs to download the current Test Panels as a CSV and edit that file before importing. This method is usually preferred in the following cases:

  • The new Test Panel being created is very similar to an existing Test Panel
  • The new Test Panel is being moved from Sandbox to Production
  • The new Test Panel contains Tests that utilize Test Configurations
  • A batch of existing Test Panels are being edited

1. Navigate to More > Lab > Test Panels

2. At the bottom of the table, click the green Download CSV

3. Open the CSV and make any needed edits, keeping in mind these tips:

  • Panel Code values must be unique per Test Panel
  • Values in Panel Template Name(s) column may need to be edited or removed, especially if moving from Sandbox to Production
  • Any columns left blank will NOT override current data in existing Test Panels
  • If adding Test Configurations, be sure to update the number in the configurations_count column to the total count of Test Configurations for that particular Test
  • Before importing the file, remove any Test Panels from the CSV that are not being created or edited
  • Download the test panels and save a copy before importing anything in case you need to go back and see what was there before the import

How to fill in a Test Panel CSV

  • If using the Downloaded Template File, the first rows after the header row show example data and should be removed/deleted before importing the file. 
  • The columns of the CSV file represent fields in the Test Panels and Tests, and required fields will be indicated by an asterisk. 
    • Do NOT change the column headers or they will not be recognized upon import.
    • It is OK to move the columns around before importing

The table below lists the formatting requirements for Test Panel CSV headers, descriptions and example data to use in each column. 

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