Note: This article contains sample data for demonstration and discussion purposes only

This article describes the Ovation LIMS dashboard, which is your landing page upon every first login. All Ovation LIMS users will see the dashboard, but your contents may vary based on permission levels. You can always navigate back to the dashboard by clicking your lab’s logo (Home Button) in the top left of the screen from any page. 

Tip: The logo at the top left will say “Ov” as a default. To use your lab’s logo as your Home Button on your Ovation page, contact support@ovation.io

Scrolling down on the dashboard, you will see several quick action shortcuts. These shortcuts are useful for admins and lab directors. The shortcuts and their functions are listed in the table below.

Dashboard Quick Action Shortcuts

1. Report Release: Allows the user to release reports to the Provider Portal in bulk. For more details on this feature please see the Batch Report Release article in our knowledge base.

2. Rejected Samples Pending Review: Allows the user to review the rejected samples and confirm the rejection status. Rejecting the sample here removes it from the system. For more details on this feature please see the Rejecting a Sample article in our knowledge base.

3. Incomplete Req Forms: Allows the user to view all samples that have incomplete requisitions.

4. Documents Requiring Signature: Allows the user to sign and review documents that require signatures (e.g., reports that need to be signed before they are released). For more details on this feature please see the Using Documents article in our knowledge base.

5. Required Trainings and Trainings Requiring Co-Signature: Users can access their assigned trainings or co-signature requests in Ovation from here. For more details on this feature please see the Training article in our knowledge base.

6. Active Workflows: Allows a user to view which step that any incomplete workflow is on. Incomplete workflows do not generate reports.

Prefer video format?

You can watch this 1 minute comprehensive video covering the Dashboard.

Tip: Use the pop-out arrow on the top-right of the video screen to expand the video window.
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